For the love of the Royals

Kansas City is a wonderful, underrated sports town.

The Chiefs dominate the conversation. There’s no question about it. The fan base is noisy, rowdy and pump red passion into the players.

KU fans brag about their basketball.

K-State brags about Bill Snyder.

Missouri brags about the SEC.

We’re a great soccer town with Sporting KC too. Probably the best in the country.

But nothing brings friends, families, and the Kansas-Missouri border disputes together quite like the Royals.

It’s just different.

When you’re at Kauffman Stadium outside of downtown Kansas City it always feels like a migration of the different states, suburbs and towns coming to watch this lovable team.

For the last two weeks, the K has been the place where 29 years of baseball pain and suffering has gone to die.

This is a hell of a team these 2014 Kansas City Royals.

It’s a team full of incredible defense with Lorenzo Cain , Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez and Mike Moustakas.

It’s a team full of swaggy speed whether it’s Terrence Gore or the colorful character Jarrod Dyson.

It’s a team full of pitching, whether it’s the solid starting rotation or the best back end of a bullpen in baseball.

And on top of that we have the beloved folk hero: Billy Butler.

It’s just a fun team to watch and root for.

What an amazing feeling it will be watching them in the World Series.